As always, the official SQLite documentation is a good place to start learning about SQLite. The official site also has a comprehensive list of tools and resources for various platforms and programming languages.


System.Data.SQLite is a .NET ADO library for SQLite. The SQLite Nuget package will also allow you to use entity framework with sqlite.

Objective-C (iOS)

If you're programming for iOS, you can use the SQLite C library, which is included with XCode. However, it can be cumbersome to use, so FMDB is a nice wrapper around it.


On the desktop, SQLite is easy to use - just use the .NET library mentioned above. On iOS however, SQLite can be tricky to get working with Unity, but it is possible. Here is a good tutorial walking through it.

Java - JDBC

For desktop Java applications, you can use the JDBC driver for SQLite.

Java - Android

SQLite is included with Android, so there's no need to add any special libraries to an Android project.

If you want to include a prepopulated SQLite database with an Android app, SQLite Asset Helper can be useful for including and loading the database file.